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Monday, 13 July 2015

Vote for Profile Pic of Sarah Bernhardt at Art On Board

ArtSHINE's Art on Board exhibition has it's official opening night this Saturday, at
CO Sydney
3 Blackfriars Street
NSW 2008

It's open to the public, and this is me officially inviting anyone who reads this to come. See you there!

Even if you can't make it, you can vote for your favourite piece for the People's Choice award. Now, my piece is number 7, so it's great if you vote for that, but there are also a bunch of other good pieces that you might like more, and you can see those on ArtSHINE's Facebook page, and pick a piece and vote for its corresponding number. You can win a $50 voucher too!

To vote, email them on , copy and paste the text below into the message, and fill in the details. As I said, my piece is 'Art on Board #7'.

Fist Name
Last Name
Email address

Art on Board #

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