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Friday, 27 August 2010

Recent sketches

As I mentioned, I've been busy and working on more writing than art lately, so this blog has been a bit quiet. I just thought I'd put up some sketches and stuff I've done while I've been out and about.

A sketch of one of the flower girls from the wedding of my cousin Paul and his wife Lyndsey. Also, someone reading Harry Potter on the train.
Birds in Regent's Park. I was pleasantly surprised to see Storks and Pelicans as I was passing through, as well as the usual geese.
I visited the Tate Modern, but only ended up sketching out of the windows across the Millennium Bridge. The man in the wheelchair was on there busking on a steel drum, and had taken a break to chat to the other guy. Below is a very rough sketch of St Paul's.
A more detailed sketch of the Millennium Bridge, leading to St Paul's on the North Bank.

©2010 James Mathurin

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