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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Sketches - Artists helping artists

I thought I should do a bit of practice done, so I went looking for some useful hands and face references.

This hands piece is from a guy on Deviantart called CoranKizerStone.
 This  expressions piece is from another Deviantart user, Shingworks.

I found these on the Pinterest board of Americantuff he us artist Chriscross. If you don't already know his work, whether it's from his runs on Blood syndicate and Heroes for Milestone, Captain Marvel for, well, Marvel, either Xero or his current work on Katana for DC (which I''ll be picking up on my next trip to my comic shop), you owe it to yourself to familiarise yourself with him.

One of Chris's  biggest strengths (among many) is the emotional expression and storytelling he gets into his work, especially through facial expression. Seriously, I aspire to be half as good at that, and seeing some of the stuff he uses to practice is a great insight, and something I plan to make use of. Here are some examples of his work, starting with the Blood Syndicate about to wail on mullet-Superman.
©2014 James Mathurin

Monday, 8 December 2014

Acquisition, Page 8, Inks

Trying to get what will be the final page of my Acquisition comic finished before I head back to the UK for Christmas (which will cause a bit of a break in my posting, though I'll get some different stuff on in the meantime).

These are the inks (on their own, and with all the layers underneath), before I add the shades and words.

©2014 James Mathurin