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Monday, 27 July 2015

I'm one of ArtSHINE's new artists!

ArtSHINE continue to support my work really well, and also just generally be an excellent gallery. They have made me one of their new artists, which means that any time you want, you can go in and see samples of my work and some of the products I've put them on.

Oh, and you can also get a great cup of coffee, lunch, and enjoy whatever exhibition they've got running, I mean, obviously, you're already really excited to hear about my stuff, but maybe you have to drag along someone who's not interested in, well, me, so there's all that as well. They will thank you.
INTRODUCING OUR NEW ARTIST Artist James Mathurin will be showing his artworks, prints and tote bags at ArtSHINE Market this Saturday 25 July from 10-4pm. Come in a say hello to James and have a chat with him about his current artworks. About James: James Mathurin is a Londoner, living and working in Sydney, who primarily works in a mixture of traditional pencil and ink linework and digital, and also photography and graphic design. James holds a BA in Illustration from Middlesex University, and has worked in advertising and stand-alone pieces. Comics, animation and science (both real and fictional) have always been influences that turn up in his art. His art and tutorials can be found at his 'James Mathurin Art' blog, his photography can be seen on his tumblr 'Stuff Wot I Done', and his humorous infographics (yes, that is a thing) can be seen on his 'Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Need To Know' blog. #market #artgallery #artisans #artists #artshinemarket #artgallery
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