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Steampunk Art Nouveau

I actually got the idea for these at my wedding reception. The venue we were using had several Art Nouveau prints on display, and their style struck me as quite a modern one, and I wanted to try combining them with some of the comic book and sci-fi ideas that I've always been interested in. 

I researched a few pieces (L'ermitage by Paul Berthon, 1897; L'ete and Portrait of Sarah Bernhardt by Alphonse Mucha, and old photographs of Victorian gentlemen and ladies), and updated them, while trying to keep an authentic Art Nouveau feel. Recently, I've even tried it with more contemporary photos, with a Nina Simone piece.

I wasn't sure what to call these. Originally I went with Cybernouveau, but that just sounded so 90s. Cyberpunk Art Nouveau summed it up, but felt a bit clunky. Although I never intended to make stuff that fit in with the Steampunk style, I think that's where it's ended up.


 The Lady

 Profile Pic of Sarah Bernhardt

 The Gentleman

The Feline

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