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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Finished ArtSHINE Art On Board piece - Profile Pic of Sarah Bernhardt

I've finished off the piece I've been doing for ArtSHINE's Art On Board show. I had to come up with a title for it, which led to researching the original painting I based it off.

Like I mentioned previously, based on Sarah Bernhardt by Paul Emile Berthon. It turns out Sarah Bernhardt was an incredibly famous actress of the time, both in theatre and early movies. She was also an artist and writer, and generally lived a pretty interesting life. I'd like to be able to pretend I knew all this, and that it was another Berthon piece before I started work on it, but, nah, it was just a piece of serendipity. Still, after the research, I ended up with 'Profile Pic of Sarah Bernhardt' as a title. I wonder if Berthon or Bernhardt would have liked it...

This piece and pieces by 99 other Sydney artists will be on exhibition and on sale at ArtSHINE from Wednesday 8th July 2015 to Friday 31st July 2015.

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