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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Democracy in action! - Vote for 'Nina' and 'The Couple' for ArtSHINE's Draw Me A Calendar event

This Saturday The Winners of ArtSHINE's Draw ME A Calendar competition will be announced. With your help, Nina and / or The Couple will be among them! This is democracy in action, people!
Here are ArtSHINE's presentations of my pieces:

Remember, as well as winners chosen to go into ArtSHINE’s 2016 calendar, there are 2 People’s Choice awards. 

You can vote for me online by going to ArtSHINE’s facebook page and sending them a message saying your People’s Choice is either: 
If you’re in Sydney, you can actually visit the gallery (always a good idea, plus you can get coffee and lunch) and vote for me in person.
The gallery is at:
3 Blackfriars Street

The Draw Me A Calendar opening night is next Saturday, the 17th October, between 6 and 8pm.

©2015 James Mathurin

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