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Monday, 8 November 2010

First version of Jazzy Sundays poster

One of my focuses doing this was the chance to experiment with colours, and do some different things in Photoshop - semi-transparent layers and stuff. The idea was to be reminiscent of old 50s style Jazz record covers, Blue Note and that kind of thing. Callan's been doing fantastic work at the bar, not the least of which is the regular karaoke and music nights, and the poster shows the people that are the real faces of the Apostles, Callan, my Dad (Clete), and my 'sister' Marisa.

One thing I discovered doing this was that Marisa somehow has a face that it is difficult to capture properly in sketches, so after some feedback, and the fact that I was not 100% happy with it myself, I decided to have another go at her face, and photoshop a superior version in.

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