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Friday, 2 December 2011

A free-market fairytale

So, art includes writing, right?

Anyway, I wrote this in response to a post on a blog with... alternative views, which mentioned a particular myth about Socialism and Barack Obama, and followed it up with a bunch of 'political fairytales'. I simply thought I'd offer my own:
Interesting, but bear in mind, a fairytale written under our current deregulated Capitalist system would go something like:

A ladybird had enough grain to make 10 loaves of bread, but couldn't grow it. It told some other insects they could grow his grain, harvest it, grind it, bake it and slice it, and in return they would each get one slice each. They toil for weeks while the ladybird relaxes, and eventually get paid their slice each.

Next season, they go back to see if the ladybird's offering the same deal, only to find out that he took the profits from last year's bread, bought even more grain, and got insects from the poorer field next door to do the same job, but for only a crust each.

The insects protest, but are beaten up by his security, and villified in his press as 'jealous class warriors' who only want to bring down a 'job creator'.
©2011 James Mathurin